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3 Day Free Weekend Sing Bootcamp for Singers & Singer-Songwriters

SingBootcamp - Everything you need to get started or re-boot and reach your next Singing level.
October 28th - 30st, 2022


Catrin Owerfeldt - Nalanii

Signatur Voice Expert with over 1000 Workshop participants  

In this SingBootcamp you´ll learn:

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Why it´s important to learn and understand those topics ?

This singbootcamp is a great starting point to find your voice, develop more vocal power and permanently maintain your unique signature vocal sound.

Because singing myths and gaps in knowledge are the main problem when learning to sing – my singing program „Zen Of Voice Academy“ offers you a new system that works with every method.

It is my goal to teach you to be able to precisely classify and use all the different information, exercises, methods that you already know or find on YouTube – without getting used to something wrong and wasting valuable time.

Singbootcamp is not only compatible with any singing method but is also suitable for every level. It offers beginners the best possible, fastest entry and for advanced or (prospective) professional singers it serves as a valuable opportunity to check the level of knowledge and helps to close any gaps in knowledge.

Use this challenge as a  starting point  – also ideal for your re-set after a break, to quickly get going again and take your singing to a new level. .

Take part in my free singbootcamp weekend and get exactly the details that I pass on to my singing students in 1-on-1 coaching.

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You are in the right place.

Who is this Singbootcamp perfect for?

And this is how we are rolling

i built help for implementation into the SINGBOOTCAMP & we´ll meet in our Live-Workshop

For 3 days from Friday to Sunday at six in the morning I will send you a small 10-20 minute daily task that you have all day to complete.

In the evening there is an exchange in the Facebook group.

On Sunay of the challenge week we will get to know each other personally and you will get individual corrections from me in the interactive live workshop with the other participants, which you should not miss under any circumstances and which should be entered in the calendar now: Sunday October 2nd I will teach 3 different timezones so everyone can particiapate.

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Your Sing Bootcamp Guarantee

No singing infront of others required!

I’ll pick you up where you´re at. Whether you are a shy beginner, advanced or professional. It doesn’t matter whether you sing Just 4 Fun & more Wellbeing or you’re a Going Pro Singer or Singer-Songwriter.

No audition in front of others is guaranteed to get good results for you in the challenge!

Personal Invitation from your Vocalcoach.

Catrin Owerfeldt – Nalanii

has successfully passed entrance exams for vocal training at state universities of applied sciences, casting preparation and auditions for singers, actors and speakers, professional training for producers, moderators, teachers, educators, training for voice teachers, DSDS participation, competitions, studio recordings, TV appearances for Viva in recent years as a vocal coach Interactive, Bravo TV & Fit for Fun, chart entries, CD releases, musical castings, debut CD recordings, tour preparations, concert appearances and appearances at personally important events, such as weddings, presentations of all kinds, birthdays, company celebrations. It gave hoarse people more voice and gave the shy ones a good appearance!

Trained at the renowned Musicians Institute in Los Angeles by MamaÔ and Grammy winner Darlene Koldenhoven, Nalani draws from two unique sources as a vocal coach.

In addition, Nalani worked for over 10 years as an actress and singer in theater, film, TV, studio, musical and was seen as the mother of Elvis in the JB Kerner Show and Pippi Longstocking for more than 30,000 children at the Lübeck open-air theater and on theirs EUROPA radio plays (Hanni & Nanni, TKKG, ???, Perry Rhodan) and can be heard as a songwriter on the radio.

In the last few years as a vocal coach for over 1000 singers, Catrin has successfully designed the signature singing program consisting of 3 complete successive courses for YOU with „ZEN OF VOICE- Simply better singing!“

As a singer-songwriter NALANI, she successfully produces and manages herself and works with national and international greats in the music industry and helps singers and songwriters find their audience.

Students of Catrin were featured:

A lot has happened since I was in vocal coaching with you, dear Nalanii. Leading roles in Musical Kids & in music theater, my own band - without you I would not have come this far. Thank you!
Emily Levin


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